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delightful suffering


  As I concentrate on the situations that I find to be hard. Those moments that cause me to feel suffering or distress, where I want to just throw in the towel and accept defeat. Has been the times where I’ve grown in strength, learn something new, and realize something I hadn’t before.

photography by Stacey Woods

 As I thirst for the word of understanding life, I read the book of James and 1 Peter, and learned that “suffering offers the opportunity to display Christ’s character and Grace, stated in the Holy Bible”. I’ve always known that trials and suffering was away of learning and growing. But today I realize that suffering is a way of life, it is not that we should pray or hope to not suffer, but to suffer well. (!) This was my AHA moment. The privilege is to suffer well, and defeatedly, not waking up every morning asking why, but to embrace the suffering “get it” “hold it” 

When you’re in a moment or circumstance, and that fire is brewing, you want to tell someone off, curse, judge, or holler at someone, remember these twelve words… (1,2,3) I Love You… (4) Please… (5,6,7,8) I’m praying for you… (9,10) I’m sorry… (11, 12,) Thank You. These words will defuse a situation, calm a heart, and relax a moment. The main focus of life is to delight yourself in your sufferings. God mentions that suffering will come in your life, and the way you handle it determines you, the people around you, and the direction you’re headed next.





Today was one of the most profound, exciting, visual, love days of my life. I was actually able to enjoy a day of life and with joy with Mekenzie. It was all about my daughter.



Those days don’t come often or barely ever presented. I was able to give her a serene moment. and many unexpected laughters. A day at the musuem was amazing, we were able to see 600 carat diamonds, and a 100 years old artifacts. Gems and crystals that were so beautiful in color, you couldn’t stop looking at them. We rode paddle boats, chase ducks and squirrels. We rode the train, we flew down slides, and went the highest upon swings. We lived today!

As hard as one works for the lifestyle I want my child to have, I’ve sacrifice the moments in her life which are important. The experience of new places and new things. The knowledgeable trips and lifestyle experiences every child should have.

The moments carried in each day that a parent learns something new about their child, is being missed.

 To occupy that time in a place where fairness has no meaning, there is no compromise, or yet no concern. One needs to rethink her direction, focus more on the life in which God has place in her hands, and remap lfies journey in which God has already planned. The focus of life is not to be better than the next person, to not uphold an image others envy, but to be honest with oneself first.

I took this picture as it caught my eye, seeing my daughter in a calm place.

To not change other people, but to look for great reasons to change thy self, so that one may not encounter situations your own characterstic could be blamed.

I encountered some wonderful moments today, beautiful sceneries, and forever held memories. Here are a few…


beautiful stream flowing through the chinese garden
 One should focus more on the things that are important, not in the things we see is necessary. Stop for a moment and just really look at where you are. Notice the art and undescribe beauty of only things nature can cause naturally.
a moment of sillyness, turn out to be a smile and cry in my memory

calm garden representation of chinese

I could of stayed in this garden forever, as I watch mekenzie play and sing, strangers in love hold hands, families talking and enjoying each others company, and children playing. There was no hate, only peace.


Natural Museum of Science.
God has place serene places, one of a kind corners, and magnificent
sceneries. Sometimes all we have to do is be still, close our eyes,
and listen.

un-noticed enemies

Even when you are in a good place, there are times when a person or situation will try to bring you down. Bring you to a place of where they are, and try to haunt, and torment you, to the fullest of their strength, or activate a self gratification of their own, by seeing you act in anger to their punches. Its more than that to life… actually that isn’t living at all. Life is being able to look pass those negative mind sets of others and sometimes our own selves. Yes I too get angry at times, but I have chosen to choose my battles, and to fight them fairly. To be in contact of my character I learn everyday that I am not where I want to be just yet. But I can conceitedly say that I’m on the right path, I am always looking for ways to change, not just to claim I’m a better person, but to be at peace and happy with myself. Knowing that each choice I have made, and every word that I speak is on a good conscious and not a negative one.

When we learn to control ourselves and our tongues, those things around us will not affect us, nor be notice. Weapons of envy and hurt will not be notice by you, nor affect you. Sometimes it’s so close in your face you have no choice but to notice it, but you will remain calm about it, maybe hurt or discourage, but it will never break you, for you are grateful that it isn’t you.


Other than that, my weekend was wonderful, I had a ball  for one of my friends Birthday in Port Arthur Texas, Great Place! A magnificent time with friends, the road, great talks and food. My sunday I spent enjoying with the love of my life Mekenzie, and some good football, Go Steelers and Texans!!! Until next time readers, make the best of any bad situation for those are the ones that prepare us for the next blessing.


remember to always enjoy life, because it will always enjoy you.

life’s love

What a wonderful weekend! Saturday morning cut my mother’s entire lawn, Mekenzie and I ate some very delicious Hooter Wings! Sunday enjoyed a peaceful morning of pray and rededication, and afterwards me and Mekenzie cleaned the truck, and helped a good friend of mine unpack in her new home.

Joy cometh to those who grasp it with their fingers un-clutched and expecting only the good things the world still offers naturally.

The sun warmth on your skin, The laughter of your child from being sprinkle with the water splashing from the car wash, the beauty of the grass when the wind blows, the smell of the flowers as they bloom, and the sound of the bees and waltz’s journeying on the lawn.

The life love, are the essential moments most of us take for granted. The most heartfelt things in life are those that don’t cost you a tear, or an effort. This is also the endeavor in which you keep stable and focused on God. When in fact you can’t fail at life, or cheat time.

I am keen on the sky when driving home from work, the footsteps of the clouds reminds me of the beauty tomorrow holds from the lessons I learned today.

Remember each day is accountable for itself, so don’t blame tomorrow for its faults.

is it possible to lose yourself

of course it is. We experience many situations that can cause a dramatic change to our mentality. This could be a car wreck, a loss of a loved one, or even a relationship.

Just a day or so ago, I was visiting my mom and she handed me all of my very old daily planners. As a teenager, I found it important to remember every single exciting, endearing, and fascinating moment of my life! By doing this I would write down whatever I did that day. As I begin to read these so many years ago moments, I found myself smiling, bursting into laughter, and even crying. It displayed to me how much fun I use to have by myself, with friends, and old boyfriends. I then remembered… at that moment, who that girl was. She was very familiar to me, as if she was a good friend of mine who I enjoyed being with everyday.

I notice in my planners that after I fell in love with a certain someone, my life changed, it became bland. I started to focus only on this person, I stop hanging with friends, I stop doing the activities I loved so much. My planners then start to change dramatically, the person who I fell in love with name start to appear more than enough, not only of him, but his family. Not much of my familiy, my friends, or myself was in my schedule anymore.

When I counted those years back, I realize that I lost who I was for about five-years. I became a person of whom I didn’t want to be, but found comfort in being her. Thanks for this book of which my past life was written, reminded me of who I was, and who God intended for me to be. To love life, endure the special moments of love ones, doing those things in which I love to do, trying new things that interest or intrigue me. Traveling with family, and friends,  and meet new and exciting people.

You are probably wondering, how do you do these things in which you love to do, when so many circumstances has cause tremendous responsibility on your life. I’ve learn to find time, to not get caught up in planning to do something, but to just do it! You do this by just learning To Do You!




Losing is not only something hard to face, but to move on from, depending on what was lost, or to ever regain the feeling of moving forward without what was lost. Losing can break you, discourage a thought or movement, or to have faith in anything or anyone again. But it could also motivate you to restore what was lost and replace it with something greater, larger, or better than before. I’ve lost so many times in my life this year. But as I now look back at all the things I’ve lost, I do not understand the strength that I had, or where it came from. How do I locate it for other hard times, who gave it to me, and how did I find the secret key to unlock the sacred box it’s kept in. Not realizing such a power of this super natural strength I had only surfaced when I really needed it.

It’s a struggle and fight to only focus on what you have now, and not what you had. Things are remove for a reason, a purpose, and a sense of higher development.

At the time of losing, you’re not able to see the forthcoming, the opportunity, the prospect, or hope of something good. We’re thinking and analyzing the question and only thought, which is ‘why’. You’re feeling hurt, deserted, disappointed, hopelessly confused. You even get angry, looking for someone to blame, after you’ve blamed yourself enough. You don’t want to be the reason for the lost, you’ve contemplate everything you’ve done right, things you could of done to avoid the lost of losing something. I’m here to tell you… I’ve lost, and lost, and lost, and now I’ve gained more than I ever had in the first place of losing. As a friend told me, at time it’s hard to move on but you have let your arms catch you by the ankles so that you’re able to walk through it… It’s hard to trust into something good, that you’re not sure of what it is yet, but to know its coming. So we have to get up, and keep going, find the motivation in us to know everything is going to be “just fine”. This is a setback preparing us for comeback, becoming a better person understanding life’s curves and detours. Detouring from a regular route to see another way with a much better scenery. Not missing out on God’s creation of moving through life too fast.

 A season of losing is not defeat nor accident, but all an encouraging motivation of lifting to another echelon. A reflection of the past to continue to the next phase, that moves forward to more chapters. Which leads to an unforgettable ending. Losing, a scene of slow motion, causing the grasp of your mind and hands a head start on life’s most prize possession. A lead of catching the world.

In order to motivate ourselves or to see what we’re missing, we have to experience a low point, which in some cases is losing something that your eyes are contracted on, everything and every moment counts, evaluations are in movement… You’re now seeing what was once blind. Colors of mist and calmness, an outlook on what’s to come and not lost, remember to reflect on being still when losing something, try to understand what is to come, and what has now ended. In other words look into the sacredness of the future and take along with you the memories, the lessons, and the gifts of what is now gone and to become.forest2