~About Me~


                Extremely sexy, very outspoken, but never disrespectful. Never a dull moment, love to laugh, hear laughter, and if you know me well, I love to make anyone smile. I love to have a great time; indulging in life’s unexpected turns is what I live for. I just recently found myself stepping out of character and turning and changing into something that didn’t make sense of itself, but made sense to someone else that thought they knew my past before I told it, came up with a remedy of their own to insure their future, but it was never determine in reality of being great for me but maybe in my thoughts…. Wow! LADIES never change who you are to compliment another person’s opinion of you. I found myself doing that just not long ago, and I also found myself to be an embarrassment to myself! Look at me and tell me what you see when I smile. You see Beauty, Intelligence, Confidence and succeeding grace. I make my own, I have what I want, and I’ve done this entirely through God’s motivation moving through me and his mercy. Make and live your LIFE happy! It’s an outer body experience of fulfillment in a way you cannot even see! What you want and you do not have, make sense of it, go get it, and do this with common sense, knowledge, prayer, and planning. Don’t cheat a good time, a good friend and life. The element of Surprises in your life through hard work and patience is when it’s worth it, and when it’s in your life to stay! Things that don’t stay, are not meant for you… so it will not exceed into a blessing! Basically, The Man that possess a hold onto me, will not even feel he deserves me, but in the eyes of God, he was created for me!

I-LOVE-MY-FAMILY, I don’t know where I would be without them, my mother’s strong will and mind, has brought me up to be the most magnificent human being I would have never imagined to be. My sister, whose taken her life experiences and made them into lesson plans to ensure my upbringing was smooth and comfortable. My daughter, whose made my struggle, accomplishments and goals come to more than just a reward, but a sense of happiness in her life that shines through me, and my nieces who I know without a shadow of a doubt was sent here to bring rain of smiles in my life, as I said before. I Love My Family!


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