delightful suffering


  As I concentrate on the situations that I find to be hard. Those moments that cause me to feel suffering or distress, where I want to just throw in the towel and accept defeat. Has been the times where I’ve grown in strength, learn something new, and realize something I hadn’t before.

photography by Stacey Woods

 As I thirst for the word of understanding life, I read the book of James and 1 Peter, and learned that “suffering offers the opportunity to display Christ’s character and Grace, stated in the Holy Bible”. I’ve always known that trials and suffering was away of learning and growing. But today I realize that suffering is a way of life, it is not that we should pray or hope to not suffer, but to suffer well. (!) This was my AHA moment. The privilege is to suffer well, and defeatedly, not waking up every morning asking why, but to embrace the suffering “get it” “hold it” 

When you’re in a moment or circumstance, and that fire is brewing, you want to tell someone off, curse, judge, or holler at someone, remember these twelve words… (1,2,3) I Love You… (4) Please… (5,6,7,8) I’m praying for you… (9,10) I’m sorry… (11, 12,) Thank You. These words will defuse a situation, calm a heart, and relax a moment. The main focus of life is to delight yourself in your sufferings. God mentions that suffering will come in your life, and the way you handle it determines you, the people around you, and the direction you’re headed next.


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