Today was one of the most profound, exciting, visual, love days of my life. I was actually able to enjoy a day of life and with joy with Mekenzie. It was all about my daughter.



Those days don’t come often or barely ever presented. I was able to give her a serene moment. and many unexpected laughters. A day at the musuem was amazing, we were able to see 600 carat diamonds, and a 100 years old artifacts. Gems and crystals that were so beautiful in color, you couldn’t stop looking at them. We rode paddle boats, chase ducks and squirrels. We rode the train, we flew down slides, and went the highest upon swings. We lived today!

As hard as one works for the lifestyle I want my child to have, I’ve sacrifice the moments in her life which are important. The experience of new places and new things. The knowledgeable trips and lifestyle experiences every child should have.

The moments carried in each day that a parent learns something new about their child, is being missed.

 To occupy that time in a place where fairness has no meaning, there is no compromise, or yet no concern. One needs to rethink her direction, focus more on the life in which God has place in her hands, and remap lfies journey in which God has already planned. The focus of life is not to be better than the next person, to not uphold an image others envy, but to be honest with oneself first.

I took this picture as it caught my eye, seeing my daughter in a calm place.

To not change other people, but to look for great reasons to change thy self, so that one may not encounter situations your own characterstic could be blamed.

I encountered some wonderful moments today, beautiful sceneries, and forever held memories. Here are a few…


beautiful stream flowing through the chinese garden
 One should focus more on the things that are important, not in the things we see is necessary. Stop for a moment and just really look at where you are. Notice the art and undescribe beauty of only things nature can cause naturally.
a moment of sillyness, turn out to be a smile and cry in my memory

calm garden representation of chinese

I could of stayed in this garden forever, as I watch mekenzie play and sing, strangers in love hold hands, families talking and enjoying each others company, and children playing. There was no hate, only peace.


Natural Museum of Science.
God has place serene places, one of a kind corners, and magnificent
sceneries. Sometimes all we have to do is be still, close our eyes,
and listen.

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  1. thegreatelephantsymposium

    Love the pictures! Looks like ya’ll had a lot of fun 🙂

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