I am in one of the hardest challenges in my life right now

And yet I am surpassing vibrantly with radiant colors of gifts, accomplishments, hysterical moments, refounding family, and sympathetic friends. . The more I read my new NIV Women’s Devotional Bible, everything has been put into perspective, and I’m learning, learning, learning. Nothing is taken for granted, forgotten, or misplaced. Every moment has a message, every word has a purpose, no one is judged. I have come across some fantastic “things”, interesting people, and incredible lessons. And yet I see people who may not be learning, still listening to a good word, but acting in a mysterious way. Some are confused, many are content, a few are happy, and a several are loss.

For myself those things I don’t understand I try my best to put in my envelope and use my “prayer” stamp and let it go on its way. My heart tells me so much more is in store for me, but my eyes remain on the stop sign at the corner, where the intersection is never clear enough to see what’s across the street. But I’m comfortable as my favorite song is on repeat, the atmosphere is cool, my shades are on as the sun warms my skin, my daughter sings to me with ease and flow and in words only me, her and God understands. Tomorrow awaits and as I crave another smile and so much more.

I had an amazing Saturday.

~ 8am Spin Class at the Gym, this workout is so good for the start of the day!

~ Reflecting Moments, shared through life’s book, I’m so in love with my new bible, it has brought so much amazing insight, relief, challenges into perspective, and hope.






 ~ My family and I had a feast of Crawfish, OMG how delectable they were

~ My friends and I later went bowling and had a ball!!! I laughed so much my stomach was soar.

Since this is my first time reflecting on my Happy Saturday Lists, here are some recent past Saturdays that made my life up lifting and perfected, despite the challenges during the week.

  ~ My Mekenzie ( my heart throb) dancing in her ballet dance class! 




~ My mother looking lovely and ready for Rodeo Time at the Rodeo Parade!




 ~ I accomplished one of the most intense chapters in my life and that’s receiving my Associates of Arts degree in Foundations of Business.


 ~ Amazing Friends who actually care about my accomplishments and got really creative and gave me a coin fill gift! 🙂





One response to “arising

  1. I love your list! I so need to go bowling! I can’t remember the last time I went! I know I’ve told you this already, but I can’t say it enough…Congrats on your Associates Degree!! That’s a HUGE accomplishment!

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