Learning the ability to be quiet.

A smart person has much to say, an even smarter person remains quiet. I am one who feels it is necessary to always speak her mind, give an opinion, and fight for a cause. Not my best asset and have been my biggest mistake in many situations in my life. People love to fight, argue, compete, and challenge you. A person can only offend you when they know something of you. How a person learns about you is from what you tell them or how you respond, react, and speak. Most of the time you will find people who will try their best to know you, in order to cause offense to you. But! When you remain quiet, evaluate, listen, and observe the words of another individual, you will learn so much more, than was intended. You will learn more about that person than they set out on learning about you. To be open and sincere is one thing, but to be vindictive and sneaky is another. Life is challenging, and yet rewarding. To know when you are in a lesson is knowledge, to fail the same lesson twice is failure to notice the moment in which God is promoting you.


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