awaiting change

as much as I want to write about how I constantly await for God to change something’s in my life, I find it to be a selfish. For I am truly bless to have as much as I have and to have gain as much. I look around at the things in my possession and cannot understand how I was able to buy, obtain, or even hold on to them. Occasionally I find myself in situations where I’m able to maintain, stay focus, and relatively bite my tongue, until God moves me, or change the scenery. I feel that he keeps you in certain situations until you are able to get the lesson, find the change, and maturely advance in character. Until then the same mistakes can be made, and the same tests can be taken.

 I realize now that I have endured, I look in every corner for my answer, and I have even in many cases found myself being treated unfairly, misused, spoken to wrong, and have remained subtle. Keep my mouth closed, and refrain from fighting, and as hard as it has been “arguing”. So as I await change, I have to keep my focus, continue the silent fight, and refrain from reacting to others faults, and actions. There’s a battle here on earth, a battle in which is fought by many to keep their good frame of mind. As I get tired by the end of Thursday of every week, I long for the day of Sunday. A day of where I’m reminded that a good change is coming, and the wait I actively do will not be for nothing or in vein. awaiting change defines faith, which are things unseen and hope for.

so as I await change, I endure patience, I gain knowledge, and I become wise.


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