dEEp THOUGHTS today…

“have you ever heard someone say that “Love liberates” ? Well I did, just today from the mouth of the most soul founded individual. Maya Angelou. She spoke words of finding who you really are, and the qualities one should have in order to be free of stress you can bring upon yourself or give others the benefit of bringing stress upon you”

thoughts today…

Love liberates..Love does not judge, but waits upon the lord to move, – it doesn’t binds. It liberates! Just do right..Be the best human being you can be, just do it because it is the right thing to do…People that know you, and that really knows you, will add you to their prayers. If this is where God has me in my life, I most need it… ~Maya Angelou

Developing my pearl… Don’t have to pray away every situation but to embrace in what God is wanting me to get out of it. If I’m at a job where my boss is hard on me, don’t leave that job, for the next position I get I will have two more people the same way as my old boss. Develop my patience, kindness to those that are mean to me. Say no to my flesh even when I to get upset. Be nice to those they may be mean to me, get pass that difficulty. Stay on the high road, and suffer that period of that stress and develop that character.

Don’t get offended by every offense.. Pass the test.  Don’t fight against everything that you don’t like… Quit getting your feelings hurt because they offended you, let the irritation become a pearl.. If you are praying about an irritation and God is not doing anything, he is using that irritation to build you. ~Joel Osteen

1 Peter 4:12


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