moving from our past.

We all make mistakes in our life. The hardest part is accepting blame, and realizing the faults that we’ve made. Some of those mistakes may have caused hurt or pain to another person. Some were intentional, and others we had no idea we were doing. For me, it could be the characteristics of who I am. There is never an intentional thought or action in my bone that could make me become toxic to another persons health, happiness, or well being. And yet, I am a work in progress of trying to notice features within my character that could be harmful to another person’s personality. The biggest sign of spiritual faith and maturity is to forgive, and move forward to a future of new beginnings. To not constantly remind ourselves of what we’ve done wrong to someone or what someone may have done wrong to you. People may try to make sure you remember your faults, or feel the need to make you feel bad of how they may felt about something you had no idea of doing. Or what you’ve done by mistake. Can we forgive? Or do we need to constantly expect apologies and make someone feel bad? I think it’s best to move forward, find a place in your life of where that person fits, or a reasoning to move on in your life without the person. God speaks to my soul when he wants me to act, and if I don’t follow I will never make it pass that change or transition.

Readers tell me what you think? If you ever hurt someone’s feelings, or caused a mist of stress in someone’s life, should they constantly make you feel bad? And if that person chooses to shake their finger at you, should you just accept what you’ve done, and move out of their life so that you won’t cause them anymore pain? I’ve decided to not be present in certain people’s life, if I cause them harm by being who I am. I work on me to better myself, and bring happiness into others life, but I will not alter who I am, to compliment another person’s personality. I am an individual, who possess a trait that was designed by God for me. A quality in me, may be a yoke for someone else, but yet a strong point for individuality. I rather people to be happy, and healthy, even if it considers me being out of their life. Tell me what do you think?

Isaiah 43:18 remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.


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