I can’t wait

I can’t wait to get to the peak of my life when people do something that offends me go over my head and I don’t think twice about it. Or when someone says something that I may take offensive doesn’t offend me. Many times people are mean, offensive, competing, and or jealous of you and they may not even know that they are. You want to say something, fight, or give them an action or word to show them that you are not inferior to them, and yet they don’t understand, and become more offensive toward you for they love the battle itself. I want to not recognize, see, or even feel it. I want a fly above it. I want to be set free from the negativity. It’s sad when you want to do the great things in life, but are afraid to do it with some people, because you can’t trust them. I want to love everybody. No matter how stink their attitude is, or how internally their rooting to be better than me. I want to be Thankful for past friendships and relationships, of the people that have chosen to walk away from me. For it’s ok. They did what was best for them, which God knew what they would do, and have used it for divine purpose in my future. I’m not offended anymore, I’m able. As Joel mention Sunday, a message I fail to receive by not being there physically but was meant for me. Is to not fight. Keep moving, look back and smile, and keep your step as you move forward firm and the peace in your heart still. One day I will make it to that place of flying about it all, and only land for the times in which I can take with me in my heart, and look back upon and live those moments all over again in my heart. Life is amazing, and yet it can pass me by when I only choose to see the bad in it all.

A plaque on my mother’s front porch has hung for years. “Why worry when you can pray”.  I just reminded her of it the other day, and she looked up at me, and her eyes said Thank you. We do get tired of the mental fight, and when we win one, there’s another one seconds away and sometimes it’s a rematch. Keep going, for I can’t wait until I’m flying about it all.


One response to “I can’t wait

  1. Sadly, there will always be “those” people. All you can do is pray and let God make you stronger. Many people don’t realize but words just like actions, can be very harmful to many people. I love what your mom’s plaque said, “Why worry when you can pray,” God can be very helpful if people just learn to believe and pray.

    ❤ Mary

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