” he got you “

Yet, I am at  another time in my life where I have found myself seeing and getting closer to the light at the end of the tunnel. Another revelation of how God is working through me and on my behalf. Yesterday was an amazing moment for me and I am sure for others who were inside the same church walls with me. We had a visitor at Lakewood named Nick Vujicic, he was the most admiring, uplifting, non-complaining person I have ever met in my life. I watch Mr. Vujicic deliver a message created in him by God, with a smile on his face, and not a complaint in his eyes or his tone. He spoke on how people would ask their own selves why would God create a person to have no arms or legs, and he assured us that it wasn’t God that intended on him to be born that way, but there is much that Satan has done. God will use the effects of evil has and use it for his Glory. Mr. Vujicic was magnificent to listen too. It was emotional for me, as he spoke. He answered many of my prayers from the past of what I thought God ignored or did not answer. God has his own plans for my life, and until I get on his time line, I will forever want those things that are not intended for me. My break through was knowing “he got me”. As happy as I am with life, there are moments sometimes my mind tries to force me to worry or be stress. I was asked at church yesterday as into why I let my mind do that, and I couldn’t answer. But I now have the assurance that God has me in the palm of his hands. I also learn that every difficulty situation I have encountered or been through has not been lessons sent from God intentionally to make me suffer. But it has been a learning experience to trust in him, and know that he is in control. What a grand thought of just knowing that, “The Greatest Miracle of Life is Knowing Your Name is in The Book of Life – Nick”. We will always have questions, and we may at times fail God, but he will never fail you. I have such a spirit that allows me to be so keen and happy for those in whom I see the spirit of the Lord in. I strive to one day be a person of such that kind of Grace.




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