delightful suffering


  As I concentrate on the situations that I find to be hard. Those moments that cause me to feel suffering or distress, where I want to just throw in the towel and accept defeat. Has been the times where I’ve grown in strength, learn something new, and realize something I hadn’t before.

photography by Stacey Woods

 As I thirst for the word of understanding life, I read the book of James and 1 Peter, and learned that “suffering offers the opportunity to display Christ’s character and Grace, stated in the Holy Bible”. I’ve always known that trials and suffering was away of learning and growing. But today I realize that suffering is a way of life, it is not that we should pray or hope to not suffer, but to suffer well. (!) This was my AHA moment. The privilege is to suffer well, and defeatedly, not waking up every morning asking why, but to embrace the suffering “get it” “hold it” 

When you’re in a moment or circumstance, and that fire is brewing, you want to tell someone off, curse, judge, or holler at someone, remember these twelve words… (1,2,3) I Love You… (4) Please… (5,6,7,8) I’m praying for you… (9,10) I’m sorry… (11, 12,) Thank You. These words will defuse a situation, calm a heart, and relax a moment. The main focus of life is to delight yourself in your sufferings. God mentions that suffering will come in your life, and the way you handle it determines you, the people around you, and the direction you’re headed next.





Today was one of the most profound, exciting, visual, love days of my life. I was actually able to enjoy a day of life and with joy with Mekenzie. It was all about my daughter.



Those days don’t come often or barely ever presented. I was able to give her a serene moment. and many unexpected laughters. A day at the musuem was amazing, we were able to see 600 carat diamonds, and a 100 years old artifacts. Gems and crystals that were so beautiful in color, you couldn’t stop looking at them. We rode paddle boats, chase ducks and squirrels. We rode the train, we flew down slides, and went the highest upon swings. We lived today!

As hard as one works for the lifestyle I want my child to have, I’ve sacrifice the moments in her life which are important. The experience of new places and new things. The knowledgeable trips and lifestyle experiences every child should have.

The moments carried in each day that a parent learns something new about their child, is being missed.

 To occupy that time in a place where fairness has no meaning, there is no compromise, or yet no concern. One needs to rethink her direction, focus more on the life in which God has place in her hands, and remap lfies journey in which God has already planned. The focus of life is not to be better than the next person, to not uphold an image others envy, but to be honest with oneself first.

I took this picture as it caught my eye, seeing my daughter in a calm place.

To not change other people, but to look for great reasons to change thy self, so that one may not encounter situations your own characterstic could be blamed.

I encountered some wonderful moments today, beautiful sceneries, and forever held memories. Here are a few…


beautiful stream flowing through the chinese garden
 One should focus more on the things that are important, not in the things we see is necessary. Stop for a moment and just really look at where you are. Notice the art and undescribe beauty of only things nature can cause naturally.
a moment of sillyness, turn out to be a smile and cry in my memory

calm garden representation of chinese

I could of stayed in this garden forever, as I watch mekenzie play and sing, strangers in love hold hands, families talking and enjoying each others company, and children playing. There was no hate, only peace.


Natural Museum of Science.
God has place serene places, one of a kind corners, and magnificent
sceneries. Sometimes all we have to do is be still, close our eyes,
and listen.


I am in one of the hardest challenges in my life right now

And yet I am surpassing vibrantly with radiant colors of gifts, accomplishments, hysterical moments, refounding family, and sympathetic friends. . The more I read my new NIV Women’s Devotional Bible, everything has been put into perspective, and I’m learning, learning, learning. Nothing is taken for granted, forgotten, or misplaced. Every moment has a message, every word has a purpose, no one is judged. I have come across some fantastic “things”, interesting people, and incredible lessons. And yet I see people who may not be learning, still listening to a good word, but acting in a mysterious way. Some are confused, many are content, a few are happy, and a several are loss.

For myself those things I don’t understand I try my best to put in my envelope and use my “prayer” stamp and let it go on its way. My heart tells me so much more is in store for me, but my eyes remain on the stop sign at the corner, where the intersection is never clear enough to see what’s across the street. But I’m comfortable as my favorite song is on repeat, the atmosphere is cool, my shades are on as the sun warms my skin, my daughter sings to me with ease and flow and in words only me, her and God understands. Tomorrow awaits and as I crave another smile and so much more.

I had an amazing Saturday.

~ 8am Spin Class at the Gym, this workout is so good for the start of the day!

~ Reflecting Moments, shared through life’s book, I’m so in love with my new bible, it has brought so much amazing insight, relief, challenges into perspective, and hope.






 ~ My family and I had a feast of Crawfish, OMG how delectable they were

~ My friends and I later went bowling and had a ball!!! I laughed so much my stomach was soar.

Since this is my first time reflecting on my Happy Saturday Lists, here are some recent past Saturdays that made my life up lifting and perfected, despite the challenges during the week.

  ~ My Mekenzie ( my heart throb) dancing in her ballet dance class! 




~ My mother looking lovely and ready for Rodeo Time at the Rodeo Parade!




 ~ I accomplished one of the most intense chapters in my life and that’s receiving my Associates of Arts degree in Foundations of Business.


 ~ Amazing Friends who actually care about my accomplishments and got really creative and gave me a coin fill gift! 🙂





Learning the ability to be quiet.

A smart person has much to say, an even smarter person remains quiet. I am one who feels it is necessary to always speak her mind, give an opinion, and fight for a cause. Not my best asset and have been my biggest mistake in many situations in my life. People love to fight, argue, compete, and challenge you. A person can only offend you when they know something of you. How a person learns about you is from what you tell them or how you respond, react, and speak. Most of the time you will find people who will try their best to know you, in order to cause offense to you. But! When you remain quiet, evaluate, listen, and observe the words of another individual, you will learn so much more, than was intended. You will learn more about that person than they set out on learning about you. To be open and sincere is one thing, but to be vindictive and sneaky is another. Life is challenging, and yet rewarding. To know when you are in a lesson is knowledge, to fail the same lesson twice is failure to notice the moment in which God is promoting you.

awaiting change

as much as I want to write about how I constantly await for God to change something’s in my life, I find it to be a selfish. For I am truly bless to have as much as I have and to have gain as much. I look around at the things in my possession and cannot understand how I was able to buy, obtain, or even hold on to them. Occasionally I find myself in situations where I’m able to maintain, stay focus, and relatively bite my tongue, until God moves me, or change the scenery. I feel that he keeps you in certain situations until you are able to get the lesson, find the change, and maturely advance in character. Until then the same mistakes can be made, and the same tests can be taken.

 I realize now that I have endured, I look in every corner for my answer, and I have even in many cases found myself being treated unfairly, misused, spoken to wrong, and have remained subtle. Keep my mouth closed, and refrain from fighting, and as hard as it has been “arguing”. So as I await change, I have to keep my focus, continue the silent fight, and refrain from reacting to others faults, and actions. There’s a battle here on earth, a battle in which is fought by many to keep their good frame of mind. As I get tired by the end of Thursday of every week, I long for the day of Sunday. A day of where I’m reminded that a good change is coming, and the wait I actively do will not be for nothing or in vein. awaiting change defines faith, which are things unseen and hope for.

so as I await change, I endure patience, I gain knowledge, and I become wise.

dEEp THOUGHTS today…

“have you ever heard someone say that “Love liberates” ? Well I did, just today from the mouth of the most soul founded individual. Maya Angelou. She spoke words of finding who you really are, and the qualities one should have in order to be free of stress you can bring upon yourself or give others the benefit of bringing stress upon you”

thoughts today…

Love liberates..Love does not judge, but waits upon the lord to move, – it doesn’t binds. It liberates! Just do right..Be the best human being you can be, just do it because it is the right thing to do…People that know you, and that really knows you, will add you to their prayers. If this is where God has me in my life, I most need it… ~Maya Angelou

Developing my pearl… Don’t have to pray away every situation but to embrace in what God is wanting me to get out of it. If I’m at a job where my boss is hard on me, don’t leave that job, for the next position I get I will have two more people the same way as my old boss. Develop my patience, kindness to those that are mean to me. Say no to my flesh even when I to get upset. Be nice to those they may be mean to me, get pass that difficulty. Stay on the high road, and suffer that period of that stress and develop that character.

Don’t get offended by every offense.. Pass the test.  Don’t fight against everything that you don’t like… Quit getting your feelings hurt because they offended you, let the irritation become a pearl.. If you are praying about an irritation and God is not doing anything, he is using that irritation to build you. ~Joel Osteen

1 Peter 4:12



Wow it’s 2011! I think the most exciting and important part about going into the New Year, is the fact of surviving the previous year and setting out to see a new one. For me going into the year of 2011, I have finally realize what I want to do with my life, and I’m so excited about it. As a child or even as a teenager, you are ask one of the most important question of your life. And that’s “what you want to be when you grow up?” I have always been one of those people who really could not tell you exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew exactly what I love doing. For years I’ve been trying to figure out how I can bring what I love doing and creating,… to a job that would fulfill my talents and innovation.

For about 13 years, I knew what I love doing, but there wasn’t any job titles or job descriptions that gave energy to it. Not until about three days ago, God place me at the right time and place, to see and hear a moment that revealed to me a reality within a thought I had, of a job description, that gave a definition to all that I love doing. It is what I would consider a dream job! My AHA Moment… Oh My Goodness!…. I’m so excited about this year. 2011 I set out on working toward the goal of having the career of my dreams. To get as much education and knowledge my brain can obtain. To always look for a time and a place to learn more about life, and what I love doing. To embrace every moment that makes me laugh and smile, to clinch my Mekenzie for all of her accomplishments and hard work, and spend as much time as I can with her. To create a life that would bring her no strife, but only laughter. To look more into my family for love and support. To accept people for who they are, and learn to handle them accordingly. To be a great person to everyone I meet and every person in my life. To not be afraid of failing. To control my tongue. To only think thoughts in which is morally acceptable for my life and the people around me. To learn from my mistakes, and to most of all believe in myself. I made it to 2011 for a reason, and for that I have much to be grateful for, and look forward to!


remember to always look for ways to be a better person, learn as much as you can, pick up a book and read it, and challenge yourself.